The Mission, Values & Strategy of The Congo Reform Association


The Congo Reform Association partners with like-minded organizations committed to ending genocide in the Eastern Congo to bring peace and stability to the entire Central Africa region.

As the name of our website, CongoHope implies, we value the dignity of human life and we desire to bring hope to the people of the Congo and the Central Africa region. Our goal is to leverage the power of new media to shed a bright light on a desperate situation our modern media has long ignored.

Our work is to create a transmedia foundation that promotes a Central African awareness and action to help end the Congo Conflict through film, music, video, and art.

Download this  FREE CRA PDF  to share with others.

Download this FREE CRA PDF to share with others.

Our Goal

To create a self-sustaining multimedia spotlight on the “darkness” of poverty, war, and seemingly hopeless plight of the Eastern Congo region, we want to orchestrate a nexus of possibilities through support, leadership, and focus for students, institutions, individuals and commercial media projects that bring to the public's attention to the plight of modern-day central Africa.

  • The sheer magnitude of the unending quagmire of the Congo Conflict makes us unable to connect with it emotionally. Our primary focus is to address this humanitarian crisis and engage the public through the personalization of stories and make the emotional connection to offer hope to the Congolese people.
  • By making emotional connections through the power of story, we help support the outstanding individuals, NGOs and companies that are helping the Congolese people create peace and self-sustainability.

Past and Present

We have found history's lessons are often forgotten and one of the best ways to offer help and hope in the present is for those histories to be remembered. The new C.R.A. connects the past successes of the original Congo Reform Association founded by Edmund D. Morel in 1904 to present-day Congo.

The New Congo Reform Association

In the early 1900s, just as the original members of The Congo Reform Association used the new power of photojournalism and the media of their day to stop the the slaughter of the Congo's population, the new Congo Reform Association is creating global humanitarian awareness to help end the war in the Congo.

The new Congo Reform Association website explores and leverages the power of new media to bring people from across the world to shine a light on the atrocities in the Eastern Congo. Our goal is to offer stories of hope from the Congolese people and those working to bring positive change to The Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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